e-Supply Chain (eSC)

What is eSC?

What are the different platforms and URL’s, definitions, and their purposes?

For eSC Traders:

The Sourcing Platform - where suppliers stock and display products primarily used for ePieceSourcing and eGroupSourcing.

Orange Connex Logistics Systemopen in new window – also known as ‘CDC’, the logistics platform where Sellers will see their approved items and orders processing. Advanced stock information is also displayed here and the ability to cancel and manually get orders.

For eSC Buyers:

eSupplyChain - where the eSC Buyer can apply for regional stock permission as well as permissions to sell the stock on their platforms.

ePieceSourcing - one piece sourcing, ideal for dropshipping locally sourced stock on your selling platform. You can buy a single unit of this item.

eGroupSourcing - sourcing you can buy at a bulk price, if you would like to sell this at better pricing to then sell on at better margins.

How can I get started this platform?

Register on www.ocgsc.comopen in new window and tick “I have no CDC account”. The system will then generate a new CDC account for you. The username and passwords will be the same as your eSC account.

Signing up to eSC

What do I need to do to after submitted account info?

*These are in the “User Centre”, at the top of the left-hand menu. *

You will first require your account to be authorised. There will then be an authentication option in your User Centre which you will also need to apply for by providing identification information and proof. Then authorise your eBay Account (if applicable) and your CDC account.

Apply for ePS Location: This is the stock location for where you want to dropship from. For example, if you are selling in the UK, you will want to choose UK stock as your primary selection. This will ensure a shorter delivery and handling time for your listings.

Do I need to do anything different if I am selling the US?

Yes, you will need to download, fill out and upload two resale certificates which can be found in the User Centre >Personal Centre > My Qualifications

How to use eSC

Browsing Products to List

How do I start seeing my stock locations listings and begin adding products to list?
Once your ePS locations have been authorised you can now browse categories and filter by stock location and “ePieceSourcing” for example.

Where can these filters be found?

They will show at the left and top of the category landing pages, you can choose from the available categories (next to the search bar), then filter.

Why do some products have “eBay Fulfilment” tagged on the product tile and product page?

This indicates that the product listing is currently stocked in eBay Fulfilment and will receive its benefits. The rest of the products are likely dispatched directly from the supplier.

Product Page Information

What does the price include?

The price is inclusive of tax and logistics.

How long will the product take to deliver?

Each product has a Handling Time displayed on the page and the estimated delivery time for item located in United Kingdom is usually around 3 business days.

Is there any key information missing from product page?

No, the product is setup to be ready to list you can, however, edit the listing on the sourcing site and/or eBay once you have listed the item.

Are the products fully compliant for sale?

Yes, all products on the site are fully compliant.

How do I list the product I’ve chosen?

On the product page, simply click the ‘Add to ePS List’ button to apply for a license to list this.
How long will this take to authorise? Up to 2 working days, so it is best to find all the products you would like to list on the same day.

Listing products

How do I list the products which have been approved for ePS?

For eBay you can do this automatically using the eBay integration.
If you are setting up on non-eBay channel, you can use the product information to set up on your platform.

How to auto list onto your eBay account.

In your User Centre > Product Centre > Items for Listing, first modify the pricing strategy and apply the margin % or amount you would like to add to the cost of the product. (This can be amended in eBay after listing).
Then simply ‘Add to draft’ in the same section to make the listings ready for auto-listing. This is found in User Centre > Listing Tool > Auto-Listing

Can I change the listing in anyway before I list it?

Yes, when you view your products in User Centre > Listing Tool > Auto-Listing , you can click Edit which will allow you to change the product information as you see fit, you can even change the ordering of the photos!

I have completed all steps for listing, how do I get the listings live on my eBay account?

Simply click ‘List’ / Batch List (to list multiple products) User Centre > Listing Tool > Auto-Listing.

How can I view progress on the auto listing?

User Centre > Listing Tool > Auto-Listing. will show 4 tabs at the top for the progress stages, once in ‘Listing Succeeded’ your listing will now be live on eBay!

What should I do when Listing Failed as products in?

You should look at the error, expand the text and if any information is provided, follow instructions.
A common error is that the eBay account does not have 2 step authentications. (A URL is provided in the order of the link to complete this)
Also check all your authorisations are passed in User Centre > Personal Centre.

eBay Listing

How is stock managed on the listing?

1 will show in stock at one time on the listing, this will refresh until all the stock has depleted.

If I want to remove the listing, what should I do?

Log in to your eBay account and un-list the product.

Should I accept returns on the listing?

In accordance with Consumer Rights, you must accept returns for any incorrect or damaged items received. If you are receiving high return rates on a particular product or have an issue with an item purchased, please contact our Customer Support for taking this up with the supplier.