About Orange Connex

Who is Orange Connex?

Who is Orange Connex and what do we do?

Orange Connex Limited is a technology company that is devoted to service global e-commerce industry. Through market analysis, system development, and resource integration, we provide services in logistic & supply chain solutions for global e-commerce industry.

What is eBay Fulfilment?

What is eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex?

eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex is a new solution which helps you offer an exceptional delivery service to your customers. Our fulfilment centres in Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, and United States offer end-to-end management of your inventory, both on eBay and across other selling platforms. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that your eBay orders will be protected against any defects related to delivery with our automated seller protections and customer service for these orders.

There are no minimum volumes required to get started on this programme, however we do recommend you have at least 10 orders a day to make the best use of our fulfilment services.

Link your eBay store to your Orange Connex account, send your products to our warehouse, and we will handle the rest.

Servicing Locations

Where are you located?

Orange Connex Limited has four global offices located in Shanghai, China; Berlin, Germany; London, United Kingdom; and Sydney, Australia.
In addition to our office locations, we also have warehouse facilities in various location around the world:

  • Sydney & Melbourne Australia
  • Walsall, Leicester, Rugby, The United Kingdom
  • Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Langenlonsheim, Buseck, Germany
  • Perth Amboy, Houston, Rancho Cucamonga, The United States

Our global presence allows us to effectively serve the needs of our clients across different time zones and regions.

Contact Methods

How can I contact Orange Connex?

There are several ways to contact Orange Connex, depending on your location and needs.

For customers in United Kingdom, you can email our UK Customer Experience team at uk.fulfilment@orangeconnex.com or call us at +44 808 189 0571.

For customers in Germany, you can email our DE Customer Experience team at de.fulfillment@orangeconnex.com or call us at +49 30 22 160 160.

For customers in Australia, you can email our AU Customer Experience team at au.fulfillment@orangeconnex.com or call us at +61 02 8188 2160.

For customers in China, you can email our CN Customer Service team at cn.fulfillment@orangeconnex.com or call us at +86 21 31105398.

Our customer service teams are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us

Benefits of Orange Connex services

What are the advantages of Orange Connex?

Orange Connex offers one-stop-shop for your e-Commerce logistic and distribution needs. Our high-quality services guarantee an outstanding seller and buyer experience at transparent cost. eBay sellers will also receive full seller protection against any delivery defect.

What are the services that you offer?

In Orange Connex, we offer full suite of services including first mile logistic cross boarder transportation, domestic storage and distribution, and supply chain services. We aim to make selling easier for e-commerce sellers by providing one-stop-shop solutions and high-quality services.

Keys To Success

What should I send to eBay fulfilment for trial.

We understanding it takes time to build full confidence with a new service provider. Our experienced Business Development Managers are able to work with you to recommend which lines would be best to trial eBay fulfilment. This will not only give you a great understanding of the process, but also provide you good insights on how eBay fulfilment will help to improve your sales on eBay. Another key benefit of eBay fulfilment is that of our storage rates. Storage costs incurred for less than 60 days aged stock are extremely competitive meaning faster moving lines are at a huge benefit.