Warehouse Locations

Warehouse Locations:

Walsall, Leicester, Rugby in United Kingdom
Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Langenlonsheim, Buseck, Germany
Perth Amboy, Houston, Rancho Cucamonga, The United States
Sydney & Melbourne Australia

Further details on your fulfilment location please refer to seller portal SEND INVENTORY>Create Inbound Order>Which fulfilment centre will you ship to

Warehouse Labelling Requirements

What labels do my products require?

Every item that is sent into Orange Connex requires a unique barcode. If your product already has an existing EAN/UPC/GTIN, this can be used as the product identifier. To allow Orange Connex to identify your items via EAN/UPC/GTIN the barcodes need to be scannable and registered against each SKU on the Orange Connex Portal under SKU Attributes. Please note, if you have the EAN/UPC/GTIN on your eBay listing this will NOT automatically be registered with Orange Connex when you import the listing details from eBay. Therefore, you will need to ensure this information is populated after the sync with eBay.

If your SKUs do not have existing barcodes, then the Orange Connex portal also gives the option of printing barcodes directly from the system. To do so, navigate to SKU>Print SKU Label.

If you are looking to send inventory into Orange Connex pre-packed the barcode label must be visible on the outside of the packaging.