Outbound Orders

Outbound Order Processing

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How do I know when my outbound order has been fulfilled?

Outbound orders will have a tracking number and "Outbound" comment once dispatched from the warehouse.

What timeframe should I expect orders to be dispatched in?

Expected Delivery Dates will vary depending on the destination and dispatch service. For greater understanding on this, please refer to full rate card. Alternatively, our Customer Service Team are on hand to assist with any order specific related enquiries.

What do I do if my customer has cancelled their order on eBay?

All orders that are cancelled must be cancelled on Orange Connex before the warehouse have processed the order. Please note that if the outbound order has been picked it cannot be cancelled.

What is the time window of cancelling order before order is picked?

Orders are processed quickly and efficiently by the warehouse teams. Unfortunately, this means there is a very small window for any changes/cancellations. Once the sales order has been processed by Orange Connex and/or collected by the courier the order cannot be cancelled.

If I have any failed orders, how do I handle them?

You could edit the information of outbound order according to the error message on portal. If you cannot recognize the error, please contact the Customer Experience team.

How do I batch upload my outbound orders?

Please see details of how to batch upload outbound in Seller Manual from page Non-Auto Fulfilment Orders- Batch Upload Outbound Orders

Are my multichannel orders automatically fulfilled?

Only eBay auto-fulfil orders are automatically fulfilled after SKU opt-in process. To fulfil multi-channel orders, you will need to discuss our API solutions with your Business Development Manager or Customer Experience team. They will advise what solutions we have available for your platform, and the relevant process.

Can I send replacement outbound orders?

Our portal does not support replacement orders as an eBay order ID or sales reference can only be used once.

Batch Outbound / Stock Removal

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To remove your stock, we recommend using the Batch Outbound process. To do so, simply raise the Batch Outbound order on your Orange Connex Seller Portal. Once this has been raised, please discuss this with a member of the team who will expedite the process.
Raising a Batch Outbound:
         Login to your Orange Connex Seller Portal → Batch Outbound → Create Batch Outbound.
         Populate the details relating to your order and submit.
Key points to consider when raising a Batch Outbound Order:
    •    There should be no overdue payments on the account.
    •    Any pending orders, will need to be cancelled on the portal.
    •    Payment should be made on time to avoid delays with the dispatch.