SKU Information

Custom Labels

How do I create a custom label?

It is essential to use the correct eBay Custom Label, when requesting enrolment to eBay fulfilment. The combination of Custom Label and eBay Account ID is used to create the link between eBay fulfilment and the correct listing on eBay.

You can create or edit the custom label on the eBay Seller Hub or change the Custom Label on the Orange Connex seller portal in 'eBay Listing Management'. Once the Custom Label has been created or changed, click sync to link this back to the corresponding eBay listing in near-real time.



How can I import my listings from eBay?

Once you have linked your eBay account(s) to Orange Connex, navigate to the Navigation Menu on the left side: SKU > eBay Listing management.
Before searching for specific listings, you will need to synchronise the data between eBay and Orange Connex by selecting Manual Sync in the top right hand side corner. Select your eBay account and the listing site then click Sync Now. Once synced you will see an overview of your listings and import the ones you wish to create an SKU for.

Ready To Create – The listing has all required details and the SKU can be created. Select the listing and click Create OC SKU.

Duplicate Custom Label – You have multiple listings with the same Custom/SKU Label information in eBay, you will need to select which listing you wish to create an SKU for. Please note, you can link up to 9 listings to the same SKU, but you only need to register the SKU once on Orange Connex.

Custom Label Required – The listing does not have a Custom/SKU Label on eBay. Please click Edit & Update to create a unique custom Label. Once you have created a Custom Label the listing will move under Ready to Create status. Remember that this will need to be synced back to eBay once created.

SKU Variations

What is the best way to manage variations of a single SKU. I.e, colours, sizing?

All products that have a unique characteristic, such as sizing/colourway will require a unique barcode, SKU and Custom Label. These should be created on the Orange Connex portal as so, as well as eBay.

How can I use the search functionality against eBay listings?

How to search for my eBay listing on Orange Connex portal?
    Search using the product name.
    Search using the eBay item number.
This can be found in “eBay fulfilment management” or “SKU Information” on the navigation bar.

Bulk Opt-In Feature

To link your inventory to your eBay listing in bulk please go to SKU > eBay fulfilment management and select the storage country at the top of the page.

The SKUs will be displayed under Ready to Join eBay fulfilment. Click Join > Select all SKUs > Set Up eBay fulfilment. Select the Shipping Services, eBay account and click submit.

Please note, it will take around 15 minutes for the inventory to connect to the corresponding eBay listing. Any errors will be displayed under the SKU Processed section.


Autoflip is a function which allows the listing to automatically flip to the sellers own fulfilment location to fulfil sales orders once Orange Connex inventory has run down to 0 (or your preferred stock quantity). This can be set against the SKU by enabling the ‘Autoflip’ feature and populating your preferred quantity.

Auto Flip can be enabled at SKU level when connecting Orange Connex inventory to the eBay listings. As part of the function, you will need to set a default inventory. This is the level with which we will update the eBay listing once Orange Connex runs out of inventory. When replenishing the stock, Orange Connex will automatically attempt to connect back to the eBay listing.

The inventory does not need to reach 0 before it auto-flips this can be set at any number you require.

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