eBay FAQ's

eBay SKU Information

Can I change my listings when they are opted-in?

The SKU must be opted out on the Orange Connex portal before changes can be made directly on eBay. Once the SKU has been opted out, the changes can be made before then opting back in.

Does tracking numbers automatically update on eBay?

Yes, tracking information and fulfilled order statuses are communicated back to eBay automatically from the Orange Connex platform.

How to I edit my eBay listing when it’s opted-in to OC?

Changes cannot be made to a listing whilst the SKU is opted in from Orange Connex. The SKU must be opted out before changes can be made.

If I change my custom label in eBay does this transfer to OC automatically on the seller portal?

Changes made to the custom label directly on the eBay platform must then be repeated on the Orange Connex Seller Portal. To do so, navigate to the eBay Listing Management menu, and resync the SKU and then opt-in.

How do I reconnect my listing to EF?

To reconnect a SKU navigate to eBay Fulfilment Management and select the ‘Read to Join eBay Fulfilment’ option and opt-in.

Does Holiday mode still work alongside EF/OC?

No, this does not communicate with the Orange Connex Seller Portal. In the event of Holiday Mode being enabled this will mean no sales orders can be placed during this period. However, if this is not enabled Orange Connex will continue to dispatch on your behalf. Please note, any self-fulfilled orders will continue to be placed during this time and could have negative metrics on your eBay seller status as these will not be fulfilled by Orange Connex.

eBay Return

Why does my eBay return order not appear in OC Portal?

OC will retrieve orders from the eBay platform every 1 hour. If you just submitted your order on the eBay platform, you can check it on the OC platform later (up to 1 hour later). The order status will be synchronized every 10 minutes.

What is the status of a return order on eBay that I can check Return orders on the OC platform?

When you agree with the buyer's return request and the return address aligns with the address information provided on OC seller portal and consignee Name contains OC.

What do I need to do on the eBay platform to synchronize my return order with OC?

For eBay platform operation, you can download this document for reference: For eBay platform operation, please click here.open in new window

Can I use OC Return label for non-eBay return orders?

Unfortunally, in the current stage, OC return center system can not receive non-eBay return orders and shipping information in advance. So, the OC Return Label service is note support for non-eBay return order.

Can I use a non-OC Return label to send a return package to an Orange Union return center?

Yes, you can. The Buyer Return Service supports return packages with non-OC labels. However, you need to submit the carrier information of the returned package and the package logistics tracking number when you place the return order so that the OrangeLink Return Center can accurately identify the returned package.

Does the Return Center only accept returns from buyers who have shipped items from Orange Connex Warehouse Management Center?

Currently, the Return Center can accept buyer's return orders from all platforms (except FBA returns), including buyer's returns of items not shipped from OC Warehouse Management Center. You can refer to the Seller's Manual or consult our Customer Service Team to ensure that your items meet the OC Return Center's acceptance criteria.

How do I quickly know the status of the items returned by the buyer?

The Return Center will complete the receipt and shelving of returned items and upload photos of the returned items within 1 business day of receiving the returned package, so that you can quickly know the status of the returned items and process the returns and refunds from buyers on the platform. We also offer a wide range of value-added service options, so you can select the desired value-added service for subsequent processing of the returned items after the items are shelved.