Outbound Delivery

What are the delivery charges?

Our fulfilment fees can be found on the rate card, starting from the page of Fulfilment Service Summary.

What delivery services you offer and what carriers do you use?

UK Services - Evri, Royal mail, XDP
Australian Services - PFL / AU Post
China Services - DHL, GLS, Gel Express

What are the weigh/dimension restrictions for Large Letter?

The weight restriction is 750g
Dimensions must not exceed 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm

What are the weight/dimension restrictions for Parcel?

Actual Weight≤ 30kg
Dimensions must not exceed 120<L≤180 cm or 225<L+2*(W+H)≤420 cm
Please refer to rate card the page of Fulfilment Service Summary-Service Restrictions or OC Website Price & Service- Service restrictions

Is shipment tracking available?

Standard, Express and International parcels have full visibility tracking for outbound orders on our seller portal.

Tracking numbers for Standard and Economy letter services are provided, but the seller will have to track this on the final mile carrier website for delivery confirmation.

Can you help to stop/retrieve the outbound order as the delivery address is wrong/buyer want to cancel?

Unfortunately, we are unable to stop or retrieve an outbound order after it’s been picked up by warehouse. Please contact your customer to reject the parcel. If delivery failed due to invalid address, parcel will be returned to warehouse by couriers.

What are the cut off times for same day despatch?

Cut off times will vary depending on your dispatch zone. It will also vary depending on the level of service and last mile provider.

What are the estimated delivery dates for each service?

Estimated delivery times will vary depending on the destination and service. Please refer to your regions rate card for full details.

How are the EDD’s calculated?

The estimated delivery date visible to the buyer on your listing is calculated based on various factors, including: the time it takes to send items i.e., dispatch or handling time, the date of cleared payment and the final mile carrier capabilities.

Other criteria such as carrier performance and the buyer's delivery location are also taken into account for the EDD. Some buyers will see a different EDD based on the location and the item.

Can I choose which final mile carriers are used?

Yes, you can choose if you would like a dedicated carrier for all of your orders, this is made on an account level. If you would like to request to send via a dedicated carrier, please contact customer experience.

The prices for dedicated carrier can be found on the rate relevant to your dispatch zone.


Will we be charged “Re-delivery fee” or the customers?
Seller will be charged for re-delivery fee for freight services, and this is not applicable for letter or parcel services under economy, standard or express.