Billing and Payment

Billing Information

When is my monthly invoice generated?

Invoices are generated on the 1st of each month for the month previous. This is then available to you on 4th of every month.

How long do I have to pay my invoice?

The cut-off date for invoice payment is 15th of each month. If you do not pay your bill the 15th your account will be frozen.

Where can I find my invoice?

You will receive an automated email to confirm when your invoice is ready to view. This can be found on the seller portal under Billing >Download Billing Statement >Monthly Billing Statement

Where can I find what I am being billed for every month?

You can find the breakdown of your invoice in the seller portal under Billing > 'Download Billing Statement'.

How do I search for/download my billing?

Billing and Statements
On Home page, it shows, if any, due/overdue payments
Click Billing to view the summary of your account balance, transaction details & payment methods. Two individual billing invoices in GBP and AUD will be shown if you are using more than 1 fulfilment service centre.
Click “Download billing statement”, and you will be able to get:
    a.  Monthly Billing Statement
    b.  Monthly Billing Statement Details
    c.  Default Interest Statement
    d.  Monthly Storage transaction detail
You can also export as Excel file by choosing a specific date range and payment status.

For offline payment, the bank account information on the invoice will be different depending which fulfilment centre service that you were using. You will need to pay the bills according to the bank account shown on the invoice.

How do you charge/bill for storage? How will this cost be visible on invoicing?

Storage fees are calculated based on the inventory in a single warehouse location at any one time. The fees are billed daily and calculated on the volume per cubic metre. The cubic metre of any units will be based on the measurements and units of a product.

More details please refer to the rate card of page Storage & Additional Services.

How will storage be billed on delivery of a new inbound?

Storage fees are billed daily; therefore, inbound deliveries will be included on the next invoice generated.

Will the invoice contain details of the services and charges?

Invoice state the summary of the services, for more details please download billing statement on the portal. Payment is then made to Orange Connex as per your payment terms.

If I have a query relating to charges/invoice, how do I raise this?

Any queries off the back of invoices can be raised with your Orange Connex account manager and/or Customer Experience.

Payment Information

How do I set up my payment methods?

Payment Methods
Currently there are 4 different payment methods available:
    •    PayPal
    •    Payoneer
    •    Bank transfer
    •    credit card / debit card
    •    For online payments (PayPal & Payoneer & credit card / debit card.)
You need to select the correct currency to pay the bill (GBP for UK, EUR for DE fulfilment centre).